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WB Harry Potter Studio Tour

One does not simply go to London and not go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. The timing of it all for me was just so perfect. We see Part 1 of the Cursed Child on a Thursday evening, Part 2 of the Cursed Child on a Friday evening, and then off to the WB Studio Tour bright and early Saturday morning. So you can say that our trip to London was very much Harry Potter themed. You begin your tour with a video montage of how Harry Potter got published and the phenomenon that took over the world. Our first guide told us if we are enjoying our experience then his name is Joe and if not then his name is Gary. Haha

Once the video ends, we get shuffled into another room with theater seats where we all take a seat to watch another video with Daniel, Emma, and Rupert as our narrators. The footage showed the process of how they filmed the movies, the behind the scenes fun that they all had, and the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. Once the film ended, the projector screen rises up and you see the giant and beautiful golden doors that lead you into the great hall. You could just feel the excitement before we even pushed the doors open.

My Harry Potter Studio Tour went like this:

The Great Hall

Yule Ball

The Mirror of Erised + The Fat Lady


Chamber of Secrets

Dumbledore’s Staircase


Triwizard Cup


Mad Eye Moody’s Trunk




The Black Family Tree Tapestry

Ministry of Magic

Umbridge’s Rules


Hogwarts Express

19 Years Later


Knight Bus

4 Privet Drive

Potters’ Cottage


Diagon Alley

*BONUS: We started talking to a tour guide named Lina who was working in Diagon Alley and she was able to show us the only existing Tom Riddle’s Diary after it had been stabbed by the basilisk fang. All of the stunt copies were destroyed so that they couldn’t be resold but one of them was saved!

Art Concepts

Grand Finale


Want to see more photos? CLICK HERE – Courtesy of Nerdist