How did you get into Sherlock?

Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic but the moment BBC created their own mini-movie series with Benedict Cumberbatch… I fell in LOVE immediately. I have dubbed Benedict as my “husband” because I mean how can you not?? That hair, those cheekbones, and don’t forget the eyes… *sigh* He is a fantastic actor outside of Sherlock as well and they could not have casted a better John Watson, Martin Freeman! The series can move a little fast because of how analytical and quick Sherlock’s brain works, but it is so good. Very well done. Each series contains 3 episodes that are 1.5 hours long and waiting for the next installment can be quite torturous but it was always so well worth the wait.

Two peas in a pod don’t you think?


On my London vacation, I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum located on Baker Street. Check out the pics!



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