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Congrats Felicia Day!

What a surprise this is! Felicia Day will be a new mom to a daughter! She has been so quiet about her pregnancy and now it makes sense to why she hasn’t been on social media a lot or drinking a ton of coffee like she does on her snapchat. Wonder which fandom she will teach her about first??


Goodbye 2016

What a whirlwind of a year it has been. Mine was actually decent considering most people will tell you that 2016 was the worst year ever.

*Went to my second “Best Coast” concert even though it was a complete disaster due to the weather and the fact that we had to wait until the very end to see them. The things we do for the bands we love haha

*Met Felicia Day! She was doing a book tour and reconsidered her stop in Carrboro, NC due to the HB2 Bill.  My roomies and I got to meet her, received signed a signed copy of her book, and she signed my Charlie POP doll! Click here to see 🙂

*Two concerts back to back weekends in June! Ellie Goulding with my sister and the 1975 with my best friend/concert buddy.

*Pokemon Go. Need I say more?? This app took over my life and needless to say I got obsessed! My dream of becoming a pokemon trainer became a reality!

*August 2016 was the highlight of my year! I was able to go all the way across the pond to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.. IN PERSON!! Took every fiber of my being to leave London. It was so hard. It’s a magical place and everyone should go at least once!

*Won tickets to the Game of Thrones Experience in March 2017! The music of game of thrones in person. I can’t wait! Who knew that actually filling out those entry forms would actually pay off. I never win usually but this time I did!

*Glass Animals is another one of my favorite bands. Originally from the UK. Raleigh, NC was their first tour stop and it was fantastic! They sounded so good live and it is another concert for my live music track record 🙂

*Election 2016… what an epic fail… no good candidates to choose from and America decides to chooses the worst one of the bunch. I won’t go into a rant but it is going to be a crazy next 4 years.

*When your alma mater is hosting a concert of a band that you really like.. the answer is to go see them! The 1975 decided to come back through NC and I originally wasn’t going to go but my friend Brittany started a new job that allowed her to have weekends off so she bought my ticket as a belated birthday gift.

*A new game shop opened near me in Winston Salem, NC. We got to talking to the owners and expressed our interest in wanting to play D&D. Yes, dungeons and dragons D&D. We had no idea how or where to start because trying to dive in head first is a bit overwhelming but thanks to 3 Blind Dice, we now play weekly on Wednesdays.

ALSO.. Let’s not forget those we have lost: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin, Gene Wilder, Florence Henderson, George Michael, Carrie Fisher,

POV: #MakeMulanRight

Word on the street is that there is talks of Disney making a live action version of Mulan. One of my top favorites Disney movies if you must know. I love that it was not a love story and about strength and doing what is right. She is no damsel in distress. It was cool seeing an animated film where all the characters were Asian or of Asian influence.

#MakeMulanRight started because the original draft of the movie was going to have white male lead… Hmm last time I checked, all the chracters in the animated Mulan movie that came out in 1998 were all Asian so one would assume that if Disney wanted to make a live action version, they would cast mainly Asian actors and actresses?

According to Hypable, Li Shang would be replaced by a European trader who decided to help the Imperial Army of China because he has his sights set on Mulan. And to add injury to insult, Mulan would not be the heroine who saves all of China but the credit would go to this random European dude. Ummm say what?? The story is already there. Why change a good thing? I am all for an opportunity to showcase more Asian actors and actresses because you just don’t see them often and if there was ever a movie for there to be more than one this would be it. 20 years later, a live action remake. Let’s make it happen Disney!

P.S. I would not be opposed if Ming-Na Wen wanted to be incorporated into the live action remake. Maybe Mulan’s mom?? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Winner Winner, Direwolf Dinner!

Yours truly just won 2 tickets to the Game of Thrones Experience coming to Charlotte, NC in March 2017! Yes you read that correctly! I actually won! Being a newsletter subscriber to the local radio station paid off for once. I never usually win contests and I figured, Okay, sure why not?

game of thrones contest

The tickets are located in the upper level of the Arena. WOOHOO FOR FREE TICKETS 🙂 Big shoutout to “I Heart Radio” and “Channel 96.1” in Charlotte, NC for selecting me as the winner!

POV: Pokemon Go Plus

Pokémon GO Plus is a small device that you can wear that will allow you to play Pokemon Go “on the go”. So many of us aspiring Pokemon trainers are guilty of constantly staring down at our phones and not paying attention to our surroundings. This device will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

PokeStop Alerts – The small device will blink and vibrate when you are within range of a PokeStop. All you have to do to collect from the PokeStop is to press the Pokémon GO Plus button. Swipe to add the items to your inventory.

Pokemon Nearby – The light on the small device will flash when a Pokemon is nearby your location. You can press the button the Pokémon GO Plus to throw a Poke Ball. There is a catch, you can only throw Poke Balls at Pokemon you have caught before. The small device will flash and vibrate to indicate that it stayed in the ball!

My only suggestion would be to somehow incorporate the ability to track our steps or location to count toward hatching our eggs. I hesitate to buy this small device because I still have to open the app open on my phone in order to hatch my eggs. I wear a fitness band 90% of the time so if it can track my steps… I feel like Pokemon Go Plus should take my daily steps, movement, location, etc. into account. Am I right?

POV: Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One

I understand that the Ancient One is just a character that can technically be played by anyone whether male or female. My only gripe is that an opportunity to cast a possible Asian actor or actress presented itself and Hollywood decided to cast a caucasian female instead. According to the comics, the Ancient One originated from the Himalayas so one would think let’s cast someone similar to that geography. Of course many movie adaptations do not copy everything from the original source material but it would have been a nice tribute to the creators that created the character. I am sure Tilda Swinton will put her own creative spin on the Ancient One so it will be interesting to see how it will play out on the big screen.

Marvel issued a statement at that time, saying that the Ancient One “is a title that is not exclusively held by any one character, but rather a moniker passed down through time, and in this particular film the embodiment is Celtic.”

POV: Butterbeer

christine butterbeer

I successfully drank my first butterbeer in London at the WB Studio Tour 🙂 It just seemed like the perfect time to do so. I chose to drink it chilled and it tasted like cream soda with vanilla ice cream on top. I always thought it was going to be more of a butterscotch flavored but this version is just as good. I also bought a souvenir cup to commemorate the occasion.