Doctor Who

How did you get into Doctor Who?

I had friends that were into the series but I didn’t get the hype or the interest that everyone had. Now keep in mind, I was never opposed to the series but I didn’t make the effort to watch it until I got wrangled into doing so. Let’s just say I quickly got addicted and couldn’t stop watching. The first season with the 9th doctor can be cheesy and silly but it is important for character and story development. I always tell everyone who starts Doctor Who (2005 to present) to just keep watching and power through the first 6 episodes because it does get better.

Enjoy this accurate cartoon šŸ™‚


For all those whovians out there.. I was able to go to Cardiff on my London vacation! I made it to the Doctor Who Experience! Click HERE for a fun account of the adventure we had over there.


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