How did you get into Supernatural?

I first encountered Jared Padelecki when he was on Gilmore Girls. His character on that show was named “Dean”. So you can see how I got easily confused when he started on Supernatural and his brother was named “Dean” and not him. The series came out in 2005 and I watched it before you could DVR shows. I kept up with it until season 3 and then I fell off the bandwagon probably because I missed too many episodes and etc. I eventually got back into re-watching the series again in 2013 or 2014 and realized I was missing out. I eventually got used to who was “Sam” and who was “Dean”.

The series is the longest running and I am so happy to be apart of the phenomenon. You start to appreciate and care for your favorite characters. The music is fantastic. Special effects improve with every season. You become more aware of how to kill and protect yourself from supernatural creatures. This is a show with endless possibilities of stories and lore to pull from which is why it is still going strong.

My plan is to see the guys in person at a Creation Entertainment convention in November 2017 at Washington DC. Fun fact, it is happening during my birthday weekend! Happy Birthday to me!

How can you not watch this show for this cast of good looking guys?


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