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POV: #MakeMulanRight

Word on the street is that there is talks of Disney making a live action version of Mulan. One of my top favorites Disney movies if you must know. I love that it was not a love story and about strength and doing what is right. She is no damsel in distress. It was cool seeing an animated film where all the characters were Asian or of Asian influence.

#MakeMulanRight started because the original draft of the movie was going to have white male lead… Hmm last time I checked, all the chracters in the animated Mulan movie that came out in 1998 were all Asian so one would assume that if Disney wanted to make a live action version, they would cast mainly Asian actors and actresses?

According to Hypable, Li Shang would be replaced by a European trader who decided to help the Imperial Army of China because he has his sights set on Mulan. And to add injury to insult, Mulan would not be the heroine who saves all of China but the credit would go to this random European dude. Ummm say what?? The story is already there. Why change a good thing? I am all for an opportunity to showcase more Asian actors and actresses because you just don’t see them often and if there was ever a movie for there to be more than one this would be it. 20 years later, a live action remake. Let’s make it happen Disney!

P.S. I would not be opposed if Ming-Na Wen wanted to be incorporated into the live action remake. Maybe Mulan’s mom?? *wink wink nudge nudge*