Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The eighth story. Nineteen years later.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child lives up to the reviews. 5 stars all around. The stage production was literal magic. So many trap doors, props, sets, lighting, and etc. Watching this play made me want to get a cloak. The choreography was so seamless and elegant. All the actors and actresses moved around on stage with such grace and synchronization especially when sets and/or props were involved. The play begins exactly how the epilogue was told at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Once the characters came into place it was like watching that time jump come to life. Everyone on stage was so true to their character that it didn’t matter that you were being introduced to a new cast of people playing Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Draco, and etc.

The merchandise for this play was also quite fantastic. T-shirts, Pins, Necklaces, Patches, Lanyards, and more! I may have gone a little overboard when I was making my purchase but when in London nerding out over Harry Potter… one must treat themselves! I ended up buying a tote bag, Cursed Child t-shirt, Cursed Child pin, Ravenclaw pin, Ravenclaw quill pen, Ravenclaw necklace, stuffed owl, and of course a program for the play.

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Want to see photos from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? CLICK HERE – Courtesy of Nerdist

You know you are a dedicated Harry Potter fan if you fly to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Here is my detailed experience of the two part play at the Palace Theater on August 11-12, 2016.


Augrey: Voldemort and Bellatrix’s daughter… who saw that coming? She is very cunning and conniving when you start to see her true character. Her desperate need to see and be with her father added to the chaos. She has a fantastic costume with her signature piece being the feathered jacket with huge sleeves.

Dumbledore: Harry is the only who interacts with Dumbledore’s painting. You see a golden frame lower down from above to fit the actor playing Dumbledore in a “portrait”. So many emotions are being conveyed between Harry and Dumbledore.

Hagrid: In the alternate reality you get to see flashbacks of Hagrid. The moment he rescues Harry from the destruction that Voldemort left behind and when he presents Harry with a birthday cake on his 11th birthday.

McGonagall: She was always one of my favorite professors and she is still teaching even nineteen years later. There is no lack of wit and sass that she has when dealing with her former students.

Snape: You get to see Snape again! Even in this alternate reality he is still helping Dumbledore because of his love for Lily. Snape once again sacrificed himself by letting the dementors take him so that Hermione and Scorpius could get away. Seeing Snape again made me miss Alan Rickman.

Trolley Witch: You get more insight on this character and she is not the sweet little old lady you know her to be. She makes it a point to let Scorpius and Albus know that she was successful in preventing James and Sirius as well as Fred and George from getting off the Hogwarts Express. Her voice got deeper and angrier as her fingers started to extend like tree branches. Now I can never see her the same ever again. Do not mess with the trolley witch!

Umbridge: The moment we get toward the end of Act I, you see this woman in pink and then she laughs in the way only Umbridge can. Once you realize who she is all you can do is go “OMG… WTF?!”. At this point in the play she is headmistress… what a scary thought.

Voldemort: Seeing Harry use the poly juice to become Voldemort was unsettling but necessary to convince Delphi that she was speaking with her dad. Toward the end of Act II, you see Voldemort stroll through the chapel doors past Harry and company to keep walking off the stage and into the darkness. Harry is then forced to watch his parents die at the hands of Voldemort in order to set the timeline correct again.


ACT I SCENE 11: When Albus and Scorpius makes it to the top of the train who else is there but the trolley witch! The two of them are standing on a train car replica with the trolley witch on the far right end and the boys are on the far left. Her voice gets deeper and you start to see her fingers grow as she slowly approaches the boys.

ACT I SCENE 16: Albus, Scorpius, and Delphi take the polyjuice potions to turn into Harry, Ron, and Hermione. This scene is cool because you start to see the actors playing Harry, Ron, and Hermione emerge from the robes of Albus, Scorpius, and Delphi. When the transformation is complete, you get to see them take on the different personalities as the young kids up to no good.

ACT I SCENE 19: The bookcase in Hermione’s office was all kinds of chaos. Books would stick out, papers would fly out, running up and down the stairs, swallowing Albus into the bookcase, and etc.

ACT II SCENE 20: At the end of this scene is when you realize Scorpius has caused a ripple effect that has changed everything. Delores Umbridge is the headmistress at a school where they celebrate all things Voldemort. When she and Scorpius leaves the stage, you see and hear dementors descend from the ceiling and there is even one that flies out from the mezzanine. They are so eerily creepy and beautiful all at the same time.

ACT III SCENE 9: Even in this weird alternate reality where Snape is still alive, he does the righteous thing and sacrifices himself in order for the future to be set back right. Hermione and Scorpius make a run for it out of the forbidden forest and Snape gets taken away by the dementors. Once again they desceneded from the ceiling with.

ACT III SCENE 21: When the gang discovers the hidden writing in Delphi’s room you see a black light effect on stage on the wall of her room but then it starts to show up on all walls and surfaces within the theater with all these crazy looking symbols and text. It was very cool.

ACT 4 SCENE 12: Even 19 years later we have to experience the pain of Harry losing his parents again. This time it is even more heartbreaking because he is a full grown adult and had to watch Voldemort kill his parents. You sit in the audience only get to hear James and Lily helplessly try to fight off Voldemort. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Scorpius, and Albus all stand in solidarity so that Harry wouldn’t have to watch his parents untimely fate alone.


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