Doctor Who Experience

My group and I went to Cardiff where all the Doctor Who magic happens. The train ride was close to 2hrs and 20 min but well worth the ride. Once you get off the train you have to ride a city bus that will take you the Doctor Who Experience. The giant blue building gives it away and is a stop on their daily bus route. There is a small cafe to the left and a reception desk to check you in. Once you get your tickets scanned you line up until the doors open to an interactive start of the tour.

A tour guide hands everyone a lanyard with a “crystal” attached that lights up at certain points within the tour. The first room has a projection of a video on a wall with a crack that is about Gallifrey narrated by a former time lord commander. She goes into detail about the doctor and why he is so important and elusive. Once the video is over, you see the crack in the wall separate that allows you to proceed into the next room. Another video starts and the 12th doctor starts talking with the tour guide “interactively” and we are in a room that has a dangly tree with orbs that glow. We learn that within our group we are tasked with finding 3 crystals to power the tardis in order to get rid of the space octopi we encountered. The next room is by far my favorite room because it is the Tardis console! We all circle around and there are at least 8 joysticks that “direct” the Tardis based on the direction that the doctor tells you. We crash landed and move on to the next room.

The first crystal was found on the planet of Skaro and we all know who lives there… Daleks! We get a brief video about the Daleks and the tour guide asks for a volunteer to retrieve the crystal from an “inactive” Dalek but of course the Daleks start to awaken and we have to get out of there quick!

The second crystal was found in a dark room with my least favorite creatures… the weeping angels… Everyone has to walk on a path that has a weeping angel on every turn with lights and sounds going off every so often just to spook you. Yes I know they are fictional but I still do not like them. The second crystal was retrieved by my best friend Liz who had to get the crystal from the weeping angel. She was fine because she didn’t blink haha

The third crystal was in the final room that was Magpie Electrials themed. My best friend Brittany retrieved the final crystal and everyone who had a crystal in their possession plugged it into a console that activated a video that required us to wear 3D glasses where we got to see the end of the space octopi and witty banter from the doctor telling us we did good and that we saved the day.

Once the interactive experience was over you could free roam around the rest of the experience. There were a variety of Tardis’, Tardis consoles, Costumes from former doctors, companions, creatures, and more. Once you are satisfied with your tour of all the Doctor Who things, you end at the gift shop.

In addition to the Doctor Who Experience, we also signed up for a filming locations walking tour because why not? It was about a 1.5 mile walk but we got to see many cool things that was filmed for Doctor Who from the interior of the Millenium center building that was used for New Earth to the concrete structure that River “jumped off” from. I cannot remember all the details that Conner (tour guide) went over but check out the pics I took and see if you can remember what episodes they are from.

Luckily I did not do too much damage here. I bought two t-shirts, some pins, a Dalek mug for my sister and in addition to my purchase, I bought the merchandise package with one of my tickets so that my sister and I could share the goodies. It came with a lot of good stuff!


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